For Immediate Release


New version of 3D application provides realistic vector output styles,
photo quality raster export, and SmartLayer Technology for direct
integration with Macromedia Flash MX

Boulder, CO – September 23, 2002 – Today Electric Rain, Inc.=C6 announced th=
release of Swift 3D=C6 version 3.0, a standalone application allowing
designers to build and export 3D animations to the Macromedia=C6 Flash=F4 (S=
file format, as well as other major vector and raster formats.

“Electric Rain continues to innovate and raise the bar in the 3D-to-vector
industry,” said Mike Soucie, President of Electric Rain, Inc. “Swift 3D V3
offers ground-breaking advancements in realistic vector rendering with new
RAViX III rendering options, while the Swift 3D Importer for Flash MX
creates a whole new approach for Flash designers and developers integrating
3D into their projects. And with a complete ray tracing rendering engine
that supports bitmap textures and photorealistic output, it’s clear that
Swift 3D V3 is a big-time upgrade that provides significant value at an
affordable price.”

RAViX III Vector Output Options

* Transparency – Renders individual objects with opacity settings respected
by Flash

* Reflectivity – Supports reflective materials to create realistic vector
and raster effects

* Advanced Specularity – Gradated highlights add depth to low-bandwidth
output styles

* Multiple Shadows – Overlapping shadows from any light source increase
visual accuracy

SmartLayer=F4 Technology
SmartLayer technology works in conjunction with the Swift 3D Importer
plug-in for Macromedia Flash MX enabling users to render 3D scenes to a
proprietary file format. Files can then be imported directly into Flash MX
libraries with various aspects of the scene broken out into individual
layers, offering unprecedented new design possibilities.

* Render separate layers for colors, lines, shadows, highlights,
reflections and transparencies for better integration with design projects

* Create separate layers for stationary and moving objects to eliminate
duplication of static frames and reduce the overall size of files

* Insert Swift 3D renderings directly into Flash MX libraries for better
workflow when moving between applications

EMO Ray Tracing Rendering Engine
The EMO Ray Tracer enables the use of bitmap textures within 3D scenes, and
supports ultra-realistic rendering output with transparency, reflection and
refraction. Swift 3D V3 exports raster images and animations to the JPEG,
BMP, PNG, TIFF and TGA file formats, as well as Macromedia Flash (SWF). SWF
files are cropped on a per-frame basis to guarantee smallest files possible.

Additional Swift 3D V3 Features

* Path Animation for shape morphing of extrusions and lathed objects

* Convert text to paths for font customization and morphing

* Scene Hierarchy for creating parent/child relationships and complex

* Auto-shape tools for easy extrusion modeling

“Swift 3D V3 will provide Macromedia Flash MX users with a better and more
flexible approach to integrating 3D content into their projects” said
Michael Williams, product manager, Macromedia. “Electric Rain’s SmartLayer
Technology is a prime example of how Macromedia Flash MX can be extended to
meet customer needs by tapping into existing Flash functionality and
providing them with a seamless workflow when working with 3D media types.
By bringing 3D content into Macromedia Flash MX as distinct elements, Swift
3D V3 will increase the already extensive capabilities of the Flash
authoring tool.”

Swift 3D V3 is available immediately on the Windows and Macintosh
platforms. The SRP for Swift 3D V3 is $169.00 USD for the download and
boxed CD version. Upgrades from previous versions of Swift 3D are $89.00
USD, with a limited time offer to upgrade for $79.00 USD. Swift 3D V3 is
currently available from the Electric Rain website at

About Electric Rain, Inc.
Electric Rain, Inc. is a fast moving 3D and multimedia software company
with a vision of bringing easy-to-use 3D and multimedia tools to the
masses. Through the release of Swift 3D, the Swift 3D plug-ins for 3ds max,
LightWave 3D and SOFTIMAGE|XSI, and the company’s proprietary RAViX
rendering technology, Electric Rain has quickly become the industry-leading
developer and supplier of 3D-to-vector solutions. More information about
Electric Rain, its products and technologies is available at
or by calling 1-888-613-1500.