Here’s the latest developments on the best Mac OS X training package out
there, namely “The TackyShirt Mac OS X Project’,
( This is 4 DVDs with 16 hours of content
focusing on Mac OS X. Normally, training and educational Computer Based
Training, (CBT) is a good cure for insomnia. We vehemently disagree that
CBT *has* to be that way. There is no reason why you can’t learn while
having fun. The content is excellent, and because it’s *fun*, you won’t
feel like you’re sliding into a morass of lethargy every time you watch it.

We also are going with DVDs because that gives us room to play. Even the
VCD format is limited by the relatively paltry amount of room on a CD. DVD
helps free us from that limitation, and allows us to take advantage of the
capabilities of DVD. It also allows you to just watch the information and
take notes, or use it in situations where you don’t have a computer handy,
or your computer doesn’t have a DVD player. Because we make extensive use
of chapters, it’s easy to quickly find the exact section you want to watch,
without having to do the fast forward – rewind shuffle. With the popularity
of DVD players and DVD playback in gaming consoles, most folks with a Mac
are likely to have a DVD player of some kind, and if not, this is a great
excuse to get one.

Our store is now open and working on our website. Pre-sales receive a free
shirt with each order. Thanks to all who had a chance to check out our
booth at Mac World.

Jessica Bodeker

TackyShirt, Inc.
2803 Virgil Street
Dallas, TX 75226
(214) 587-3636
Training and Fun are NOT mutually exclusive