NEW: FileMaker Plug-in – Code-X 1.4

Hi-Voltage, Melbourne Australia, has announced the release of Code-X 1.4.

Code-X is a FileMaker plug-in that allows developers to build registration
functionality and issue custom registration codes to unlock their solutions.

Use Code-X 1.4 to:

* Protect solutions from piracy

* Deploy demo solutions which require registration codes to allow users
full access

* Build feature / functionality restrictions into solutions as an incentive
for users to purchase a registration

* Build 30-day trial periods

* Build record creation restrictions – i.e. limit users with 10 a record

* Limit startup access – i.e. only allow demo solutions to launch 15 times

* Issue different licensing levels – i.e. standard license to unlock
selected features or full license to unlock all features

* Control the number of users that can access solutions

* Remind users that they need to register the solution

* Keep track of registrations with CodeGenerator (a FileMaker Database)

…. and more

New in Code-X 1.4:

* The ability to specify the solution name so that the registration codes
from one solution don’t match the developers’ other solutions.

* Version 1.4 introduces detailed documentation

* Introduces the developer to various restriction methods (i.e. 30-day
trial period, record creation limitation etc.)

* New comprehensive tutorial with example files

* FileMaker 7 examples

* New demonstration files

* An updated version of CodeGenerator, which is a FileMaker database for
keeping track of custom registration codes.

Code-X gives developers peace of mind!

Each Code-X licensee is issued a different compiled version of the plug-in
with a unique key exclusive to the licensee. The unique 56-character key
ensures no other licensee may issues the same registration codes.

“… exactly what we needed to protect our new solution. You guys did a
great job. I love this plug-in. Thank you.”
Darlene Faccone – Calico Software Systems, Inc. – San Diego, California.

Existing Code-X users will be sent the new version free of charge via
email. Code-X 1.4 is available for evaluation from the Hi-Voltage website.

For more information visit: