August 5, 2002. Cogco is pleased to announce the immediate availability of
ClassicBooster. ClassicBooster optimizes the Classic environment under OSX
by letting the user fully customize Classic for OSX.

Using ClassicBooster users can expect to be able to launch Classic in a
third of the time it normally takes. Additionally, users can create an
extension set especially tailored to the Classic environment.
ClassicBooster ensures that this set is always loaded when you launch
Classic, and your normal extension set loads when you boot into Mac OS 9.

A seven day trial version is available from the Cogco website:

The full version of ClassicBooster costs just US$10 and is available for
online purchase and download at the same address.


Cogco has been developing Macintosh and Unix software for five years. They
are the authors of the hugely popular Macintosh utilities Hippo and
OSBooster. Learn about Cogco’s products at their website: