Contact: Sylvia Burke, (888) 876-0044 (US)
Outside US (505) 522-0027


LAS CRUCES, NM, USA – Survey Catering, a new service from Cogent
Computing Corporation, provides clients a way to conduct web-based
surveys over the Internet without buying software or programming

Survey Catering allows clients real-time processing of their own
surveys on the Web for almost any purpose; including research,
customer feedback, employee questionnaires, opinion polls, etc. A
variety of question types are supported, along with graphics,
sound/video, and html links. With one mouse click you can view
instant and ongoing reports of survey results. Reports may be made
public for instant viewing by respondents.

Sample Survey picture: (
Sample Report picture: (

The Survey Catering service is ideal for users who need a fast,
flexible and inexpensive way to conduct surveys on the web. No
technical knowledge is necessary, and the service can be used by
clients who do not have a web site. The surveys run on Cogent’s
server and may be linked to the client’s web site or run directly off
the Cogent server. Survey questions may be submitted by email, fax,
or mail and are web-ready within two days.

For more information contact Susan Gregg at Survey Catering: toll
free US (888) 876-0044, or (505) 521-5920, fax: (505) 522-0289, email Visit the web site at (,
where you can take sample surveys, create a free single-question
survey, and download a free Survey Catering presentation.