Now Offering Mac-Savvy Colocation Services

Colocate your XServe for $100 a month.

Dallas, TX – August 1, 2002 announces full availability of colocation service in it’s
Dallas, TX facility. expands it’s range of Macintosh Services
and Internet to offer outstanding service and reliability to customers
looking for colocation services with Macintosh expertise.

Colocation services require three things: Facilities, Bandwidth and Support.

The Facility’s colo space is in the Equinix IBX located at the InfoMart in
Dallas. The InfoMart is the premier address in the Southwest U.S. for
Information Technology.’s choice of Equinix IBX facilities
provides your server with the highest quality, exceptionally engineered,
secure, redundant environment required by mission-critical applications.

The Bandwidth chose InterNAP as it’s bandwidth provider based on their
proven record and reputation in the industry for unparalleled IP transit
services. InterNAP peers with, monitors and continually adjusts their
routing and connections to all the Tier 1 providers such as UUNet, AT&T,
Sprint and Cable & Wireless. InterNAP’s use of intelligent routing systems
provides customers with the best performing network on the

The Support
For the past three years, has provided low-cost/high value web
hosting solutions for Mac and non-Mac clients who have found excellent
For the past 15 years, the employees of have been providing
excellent service and consulting for Macintosh-based clients. We know Macs
and how to use them to provide high value Internet services.

“With the recent availability of Apple’s XServe rack-optimized hardware,
colocating Mac boxes makes even more business sense. Couple that with the
power of the Mac OS X and companies now have the complete system for
mission-critical applications” said Brian Blood,’s owner.

A Satisfied Customer
“We’ve been co-locating 2 servers with over the past 6 months.
Our previous provider gave us virtually no support and had frequent service
outages. This severely hurt some of our mission-critical applications.
Since moving to, the service, reliability and support we’ve
received from them has been rock-solid. They are a valuable partner in
maintaining communications with our customers and readers.”
— Charles Besio – IT Manager – American Airlines Publishing

– Non MacOS based systems – We recognize that there are other platforms out
there for Internet systems and these are also fully supported.

– Colocate your new XServe for $100/month which includes 10GB of bandwidth.

– A Diverse Location – For those companies that are primarily located on
the East or West coast,’s convenient Dallas facility provides
the appropriate level of geographic diversity to ensure high-availability.

– fills a niche in Dallas/Fort Worth market for the many
Mac-based organizations that could use colocation service.
also provides these organizations the support they require from the employees that leverage their collective knowledge base of the
Mac server market along with their network contacts to maximize your
Macintosh environment.

Pricing and More Info:

Contact us at 866-324-6159 or for more information or to
arrange your colocation service.

Founded in 1999, has been the leader in low-cost Internet
hosting for Macintosh users with an outstanding Mac experience and a loyal
customer base. utilizes all MacOS and Mac OS X servers.