Sonnet Announces Enhanced Value PodFreq Premium FM Transmitter + Dock for
iPod–Now Shipping With Car Cradle

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA–June 7, 2005–Sonnet Technologies, a worldwide leader
in upgrades for Apple Macintosh computers and iPod digital music players,
announces that PodFreq, PodFreq black, and PodFreq photo now include a
custom-designed car cradle, a USD $14.95 value, at no additional cost. This
holder is designed for a secure, rattle-free fit and attaches to a vehicle
mount (sold separately) with included hardware to create a parking space
for PodFreq while you drive. The cradle features a soft liner that protects
the back of PodFreq, and uses the standard AMPS/NEC mounting hole pattern
(commonly used for cell phone mounts) that makes it compatible with a wide
variety of vehicle mounts. Current PodFreq owners may also purchase a car
cradle for an MSRP of USD $14.95.

For more information about the PodFreq cradle, please refer to the PodFreq
website at: (

— Compatibility
The PodFreq cradle (Part no. FMT-CRADLE) is compatible with all PodFreq
models (except PodFreq mini).

About PodFreq
Sonnet now offers four different PodFreq models, each made specifically for
the various iPod digital music players with dock connector. Each PodFreq
high-fidelity FM transmitter is capable of broadcasting tunes from an iPod
to any nearby FM radio, freeing the user to listen to and share their
playlists without the ear buds. PodFreq connects to the iPod through the
dock connector to take advantage of the consistent-level line out signal,
and then feeds the audio through high-quality stereo broadcast components
to produce noticeably better sound. PodFreq can connect to a computer
through its built-in mini-USB 2.0 or FireWire ports, enabling the syncing
and charging of iPod without the user having to remove it from PodFreq.
PodFreq requires no batteries, there’s no software to install, and it uses
simple up and down tuning to make one-handed operation easy; true plug and
play operation is always at hand. For extra convenience, PodFreq also
includes a car charger that works in any standard +12V cigarette
lighter/auxiliary power socket, and plugs into PodFreq’s FireWire port to
charge the iPod battery.

For more information about the PodFreq family, please refer to the PodFreq
website at: (

— Availability
The PodFreq family is available at retail chains nationwide and online as
well. To locate a dealer or to purchase online, visit:

About Sonnet Technologies, Inc.
Sonnet Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Irvine, California, is a
worldwide leader in processor upgrade cards, ATA disk controller cards, and
other enhancement products for Apple Macintosh computers and iPod digital
music players. After Apple Computer, Inc., Sonnet is the largest producer
of PowerPC processor-based products in the computer industry. Founded in
1986, Sonnet offers processor upgrades for most Macintosh models. To locate
an authorized reseller or purchase product, visit the Sonnet Technologies
web site at (, or call the company at