Summary 2.2 (final) is now available for Macintosh (Carbon) and OS X
Command Line from: (

Summary is a web server log analyzer. With well over 150 reports, many of
them unique, Summary tells you more about your site, visitors, and

There are many many changes, additions, and fixes since 2.1.2. The
complete feature/change list is on the product history page,
( Some of the highlights include:

* Eight new reports including: Failure Explanations, Quarter Day, Fan
In/Out. Some are Summary Plus and SP only. Summary SP now has 170 reports!

* Tracking of visits coming from paid search engine refers, or other
sources where you can control the URL visitors use. Available is Summary
Plus and SP only.

* Numerous additions and improvements to the Overview.

* New settings to help control memory usage.

* Processing speed improvements.

* Now reads logs smaller than 2K in incremental mode.

* Filtering by result/status code.

* Added an option to strip up to seven directory names, useful with

* Added date ranges for sub-reports in Summary SP.

* And much much more.