Neon Software Puts LANsurveyor 7.0 Preview on

Lafayette, CA – July 24th, 2002 – Neon Software, the leader in Macintosh
Network Management tools, announced today the immediate availability of
LANsurveyor(R) 7.0 Preview for Mac OS X. The LANsurveyor preview is
available now from

“The LANsurveyor for Mac OS X Preview is an important milestone for Neon
Software and all Macintosh network administrators,” said Craig Isaacs, Neon
president. “We know our customers have been looking forward to LANsurveyor
for Mac OS X, and this release has both great new features as well as
native Mac OS X support.”

In addition to supporting Mac OS X and the Aqua interface, LANsurveyor 7.0
supports several new map types and increased reporting capabilities. The
preview release works Mac OS X v10.1.5 as well as Mac OS 8 and 9. The
preview release also includes 20 Neon Responders for Mac OS and Windows,
including Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.


Neon Responders can be installed on network clients to enhance
LANsurveyor’s functionality, including file distribution, messaging, and
reporting. LANsurveyor’s powerful reporting features generate complete
software and hardware asset inventory reports of the entire network, saving
time and IT resources.

LANsurveyor 7.0 now features Backup Profiler which allows administrators to
further understand valuable data assets that reside on client computers.
Backup Profiler tracks the amount and type of data on client computers and
the change rate of that data. Network administrators finally have a tool
they can use to plan for data security on all Macintosh and Windows

“You can’t afford to back up every document on every desktop. Even worse,
you can’t afford to miss the critical documents,” said Dorian Cougias,
president of Network Frontiers, LLC. “Network Administrators the world over
have told us how hard it is to choose which files to back up on end user
machines and which can be ignored. Too many administrators have had to
ignore everything because of space and time limitations. LANsurveyor’s
Backup Profiler is the first network management application that lets
network administrators discern what data is important and where it is.”
Network Frontiers is releasing its newest book, “Backup and Recovery: From
Desktop to Datacenter.” Details are available at


LANsurveyor automatically draws network maps and displays network objects
(computers, printers, routers and other nodes) and then provides detailed
profiles of the devices found. LANsurveyor 7.0 now includes three new map
topologies in addition to linear maps: symmetrical, circular, and
orthogonal. These four topologies allow administrators to display their
networks in the manner that most matches their requirements.


The final release of LANsurveyor 7.0 will be available in August 2002 for
$495. Neon Responders are available in 25, 50, 100, and 500 packs starting
at $250. Upgrades for current LANsurveyor customers will be available from
$99, and customers who have purchased LANsurveyor since July 1, 2002, will
receive a free upgrade.


Neon Software is a leading supplier of cross-platform network management
applications. Neon’s applications help secure, manage, and optimize
networks. The Neon product line includes CyberGaugeR (monitor your
bandwidth), NetMinder Ethernet (diagnose your network), and LANsurveyorR
(map and manage your entire network). All product names are trademarks or
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