Two new ebooks in the Take Control series, “Take Control of Your
iPhone Apps” and “Take Control of iPhone OS 3,” provide an in-depth
look at the iPhone and its core apps. These practical, hands-on
guides walk readers through the most effective ways to use numerous
features and help readers avoid problems. Most of the information is
also applicable to the iPod touch, and the differences are called
out. “Take Control of Your iPhone Apps” lists for $10; “Take Control
of iPhone OS 3” lists for $15. Both books are available from individually and in a discounted

In “Take Control of Your iPhone Apps,”
( Mac expert and highly
regarded technical writer Jeff Carlson shows readers how to make the
most of Apple’s core iPhone apps. He provides clear, concise
explanations on how to use the iPhone for both work and play – from
sending email and Web surfing to playing games and managing photos.
Apps covered include Calendar, Camera, Compass, iPod, Mail, Maps,
Messages, Phone, Photos, Remote and Safari, as well as the Music and
Video apps for iPod touch users. The book also provides pointers to
independent apps that expand on the features in Apple’s apps.

In “Take Control of iPhone OS 3,”
( troubleshooting guru Ted
Landau explores iPhone OS 3 and the iPhone hardware. He explains the
new features of the latest iPhone models, walks readers through the
various options and settings, and provides detailed problem-solving
techniques. Landau addresses both general and advanced users and
clears up mysteries about such topics as syncing, networking,
security, and more.

Jeff Carlson is the Managing Editor of TidBITS, a columnist for the
Seattle Times, a frequent contributor to Macworld, and the author of
best-selling books on the Mac, video editing, digital photography,
and, in earlier years, Web design and Palm organizers.

Ted Landau is well-known for his writing about computer
troubleshooting, including the best-selling “Sad Macs, Bombs and
Other Disasters.” Landau founded the MacFixIt Web site, is a member
of the MacNotables podcasting group, and speaks regularly at Macworld