Software developers invited to preview Revolution 1.5, with new XML
library, MIDI, spreadsheet fields, sound recording and more

Edinburgh, Scotland. 13 July 2002

Revolution 1.5, the upcoming new version of the leading multi-platform
development tool, will be previewed for the public for the first time at
Macworld Expo in New York, Runtime Revolution announced today. Revolution
developers, members of the press, and the public are invited to the
Revolution booth to see a hands-on demonstration of 1.5’s new features and
to talk to the Revolution team.

Since its launch in July 2001, Revolution has joined the ranks of leading
development tools. Revolution’s powerful programming language, easy-to-use
interface builder, and built-in Internet and multimedia features all
combine to make it the tool of choice for writing cross-platform software.
Among available development environments, Revolution stands alone in
enabling developers to write a single application that targets Mac OS,
Windows, and Linux (and other popular Unix flavors), supporting each
operating system’s native look and feel with no code changes needed.

—- Introducing Revolution 1.5 alpha —-

Revolution 1.5, scheduled for release in 3Q 2002, continues Runtime
Revolution’s mission to deliver the best in rapid application development.
Version 1.5 builds on Revolution’s proven power and ease, bringing major
new features to Revolution’s developer community:

– XML library for creating and parsing XML documents
– Spreadsheet-format text fields
– New sound-recording architecture
– MIDI music file creation and playing
– Windows of any size and shape
– Fully Perl-compatible regular expressions
– Transcript Cookbook of useful script routines

In addition, OS X functionality is slated to increase across the board,
with newly-available Unix functionality and better SQL database access on
the OS X platform.

—- Revolution Exhibit and BOF Session at Macworld —-

Macworld Expo attendees are invited to visit Runtime Revolution in the
MacTech Central Pavilion at booth 2023, Wednesday through Friday:

– Check out the latest enhancements to Revolution.

– Chat with the Revolution development team.

– See “Maggie”, the kilt-wearing, madly programming, Scottish teddy bear!
Maggie comes to Macworld Expo carrying her soft toy Titanium Powerbook.
Software developers of all ages are welcome to come along and have a look
and a smile.

The Revolution “Birds of a Feather” conference session will be held on
Wednesday the 17th from 6 PM to 7:30 PM. The session is titled “Beyond
HyperCard: Revolution” and is hosted by Bill Vlahos of NASA. Top experts
from Runtime Revolution will be attending. All Macworld attendees are
invited to attend the conference session with their questions and interests.

—- Buy Revolution at Developer Depot —-

Several editions of Revolution, including the popular Small Business
Edition and the Student/Teacher Edition, will be on sale throughout the
show at the DevDepot store in booth 2023.

Interested users and developers can preview Revolution by downloading the
free Starter Kit edition from the company website at
( The Starter Kit is fully enabled and can be used
to build applications for any supported platform; the only limitation is on
the length and complexity of code.

The Revolution development environment is a breakthrough for anyone who
writes and designs computer software. Revolution enables developers to
easily and quickly create powerful Internet-enabled applications for Linux,
OS X, classic Mac OS, Windows, and popular UNIX systems.

The Professional Edition, which includes technical support, more powerful
database-access features, and all updates for a year, is priced at $995.
Other license options include the Small Business Edition at $299; K-12
educational licenses starting at $25 (minimum ten copies); the free
downloadable Starter Kit Edition; and discounted educational, multi-pack,
and site licensing plans. Every edition enables developers to develop
software on and build for every supported platform.

Runtime Revolution Limited is committed to the development of cutting-edge
professional development tools and engaging educational applications. For
more information about the company and its products, visit the Runtime
Revolution website at ( or email