Casady & Greene, Inc. announces a new generation of InfoGenie, dubbed iData
Pro! iData Pro is the new and modern name for this updated and sleek new
version. iData Pro is a simple database for keeping track of just about any
kind of information, and it now comes in two flavors: Mac OS X and Mac OS
8.6-9.x. Also, coming soon, there will also be a version supporting Windows
XP, 2000, ME, NT and 98!

iData Pro is an easy-to-use database that helps you keep track of every bit
of information in one central place! Its lightning-fast search engine finds
whole records of information, or bits and pieces of information (including
“And” boolean searches) in seconds!

In need of an affordable database without the bells and whistles of a
high-end database like FileMaker Pro (TM)? iData Pro is the solution. iData
Pro can:

*Easily organize data into freeform or field-based files!
*Quickly search by name, number, title, letter, character and more!
*Easily print single or multiple labels and envelopes!
*Quickly store, collect and update over 32K of data in each record in seconds!

iData Pro is to David Pogue what Spell Catcher 8 is to Bob Levitus: a
must-have app!

“Computers are great, but where are we supposed to stash all of our names
and numbers, serial numbers, passwords, brainstorms, driving directions,
and notes? Trying to stuff them into a typical field-based database was an
exercise in insanity. What the world needs is a program like iData, which
lets me keep every scrap of information in one central place, only one
keystroke away — and even sync it to the Palm. Now I can move into Mac OS
X for good!”
–David Pogue, best selling author and columnist

iData Pro can even archive all your email into one easy-to-use database.
Archiving email into iData Pro will keep your email client from becoming
bloated. Simply import the email you wish to archive from your Outlook
Express (TM), Netscape (TM) or Eudora (TM) email client, select a freeform
or field-based file, and voila! your email is now archived in an iData Pro
database file so you can quickly sort through hundreds of emails in seconds.

iData Pro is the long-awaited upgrade that Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 users of
QuickDex, Super QuickDex, InfoGenie 1.x-2.x have been clamoring for. Fans
of InfoGenie and QuickDex will appreciate the new look and new features,
soon to include *Palm (TM) connectivity!

C&G offers the following upgrade and competitive upgrade solutions:

Registered users of InfoGenie 1.x-2.x, QuickDex or Super QuickDex, may
upgrade for only $19.95. To upgrade, please visit:
( The upgrade is available
as an electronic download (the physical product will be available soon).
iData Pro retails for $39.95 and will be available soon at most retail
stores, mail order catalogs and online stores.

Registered owners of InfoGenie 2 who purchased from the C&G Online Store
between June 1, 2002 and July 12, 2002 qualify for a free upgrade to iData
Pro. To receive the free upgrade, please log-in to the C&G Online Store at:
( and follow the instructions
listed. This free upgrade is only available to purchasers of InfoGenie 2
and does not apply to free product versions included with Conflict Catcher

Registered owners of InfoGenie 2 who purchased from a retail store, online
reseller (not C&G) or from a mail order catalog, between June 1, 2002 and
July 12, 2002, also qualify for a free upgrade to iData Pro. To receive the
free upgrade, please contact the C&G Customer Service desk at 800-359-4920
(US) or 831-484-9228 (Intl). To receive the free upgrade, please provide a
copy of the InfoGenie 2 purchase receipt dated June 1, 2002-July 12, 2002.

C&G offers a competitive upgrade price to owners of Now Contact, FileMaker
Pro or iOrganizer. Users may purchase iData Pro for the reduced price of
only $29.95, by contacting the C&G Customer Service desk at 800-359-4920
(US) or 831-484-9228 (Intl). To receive the competitive upgrade price of
$29.95, please provide one of following items relating to your Mac or
Windows database application:
*A copy of your product purchase receipt by email or fax
*A copy of your product user manual cover by email or fax
*A copy of your product CD-ROM by email or fax
*A screen shot of your product About Box by email or fax

C&G offers the competitive upgrade price to owners of Macintosh or Windows
database products. To view the complete upgrade information online, please
visit: (

iData Pro has a number of new improvements and features.
New iData Pro now has:

* The ability to input more than 32k of data per record
* Clickable Web address links and e-mail addresses within each record–the
clickable web address links instantly open a new email window. You can
also turn
off clickable links for easy editing.
* More editing capability which enables you to edit text while in List View
(except clickable links)
* Vastly improved envelope and label templates for easy editing
* New record selection feature which permits the viewing of selected
records that
contain specific information
* A sleek new interface which allows the user to instantly access the web, list
view, label and envelope printing, and more from the tool bar of each record
* The ability to interface with more browsers, including Netscape Navigator
(6.1 and later), Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, iCab, and OmniWeb
* More program support-now you can import e-mail from Entourage,
Outlook Express, Netscape, and Eudora
* Much, much more!

*Coming soon to iData Pro
Palm connectivity is just around the corner! Buy iData Pro now and receive
a free update to the Palm connectivity version upon release.

Palm connectivity allows you to sync your information from iData Pro
directly into your Palm OS compatible handheld device such as Palm,
Handspring, etc.!

This is the first major upgrade in years! To get more information about new
iData Pro or to purchase iData Pro, please visit the C&G iData Pro Mac page
at: (

System Requirements:
iData Pro for Mac OS X
-Mac OS 10.1 or later

iData Pro for Macintosh
-Mac OS 8.6-9.x
-Minimum 5 MB of available hard drive space
-Minimum 32 MB RAM

About Casady & Greene:
Casady & Greene has published innovative software products for business and
consumer needs since 1984.

The list below exemplifies the award-winning standards that have been
synonymous with Casady & Greene software since 1984. These high standards
are being continued on the Windows platform as well. If you need the
experience and contacts to bring your Macintosh or Windows program to
market, we can help. Learn more about publishing opportunities by
contacting us today!

Our impressive list of “firsts” on the Mac includes:
*First carbonized product for Mac OS X-2000
*First full-featured MP3 player/encoder for the Macintosh-1999
*First system utility to receive a perfect 5-star rating from Macworld
*First Power Mac Native game-1994
*First Power Mac Native startup manager-1994
*First Macintosh color game-1988
*First downloadable Postscript fonts-1984
*One of the first to produce a commercial Newton game-1993