JULY 12, 2002

FileMakerPro 6: New ODBC and XML Networking

LAS VEGAS, NV: August Software today announced delivery of an update to its
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Router that adds support this week’s
release of the FileMakerPro 6 application suite on Mac OS X.

“The new ODBC capability in FileMakerPro for Mac OS X provides the perfect
compliment to FileMakerPro’s new XML document interchange feature.”, said
Thomas Gray, Director of August Software.

“Whereas XML provides for limited data-exchange by automatically encoding,
transporting and decoding text-documents (similar to spreadsheet
import/export), ODBC provides a high-performance live binary interface that
our groundbreaking ODBC Router streams across network and platform
boundaries. These protocols are analogous to e-mail vs. instant messaging”,
Gray said.

Available now from, the ODBC Router system now enables
applications on Mac OS X, Classic Mac OS, Darwin, Windows and Linux to
utilize virtually any SQL data source by way of a standard Windows NT/2K
server and the well supported ODBC drivers for Windows. Pricing for the
ODBC Router starts at US$99 with substantial discounts for public education
and health services organizations.

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