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Award Winning CopyPaste 4.5 Released for Classic (OS 9 or less)
16,000 downloads and 4.7 stars on VersionTracker.Com ///\\\ 5 Mice from
MacUser ///\\\ Shareware Junkies Calls CopyPaste the Best Mac Shareware
Program Ever ///\\\ ‘Awesome’ from MacDirectory ///\\\ TidBITS Matt Neuburg
‘CopyPaste is a bargain-priced way to give your machine a new soul.”

CopyPaste is the original award winning multiple clipboard utility and with
the 4.5 update it is better then ever. Productivity is what its all about.

CopyPaste 4.5 has new features the major one is that it has been updated to
work in conjunction with CopyPaste X. CopyPaste 4.5 runs fine alone under
OS 9 or less but now also works perfectly within Classic and integrated
with CopyPaste X running under OS X. This means all clipboards and actions
between OS X and Classic are seamless.

Download CopyPaste 4.5 and/or CopyPaste X now from:
or at:

One of the early wonders of the Mac was its revolutionary ability to do
copy and paste across various applications. Unlike other areas in the Mac’s
system software that have changed and progressed over the years, copying
and pasting has not evolved. How many times have you found yourself going
back and forth copying in one application and pasting in a different
application, wishing to yourself that you could copy 5-10 items at a time,
then go to another application and paste each of these items. Now you can
with a vengeance!

CopyPaste is the digital hub for clipboard material and many other kinds of
data. It is easy to use, saves time and allows you to do less and
accomplish more. Try it and see how critical a clipboard manager is.

User Raves about CopyPaste Classic

CopyPaste is the best piece of software I have ever used. When I use
another computer I realize why and cannot understand anyone not using it.
Albie Cunningham

Just had to write and tell you how pleased I am to have CopyPaste. It is BY
FAR the most useful utility I have and it is being used constantly. I
haven’t even begun to explore and use it’s full potential but as for money
well spent, CopyPaste is a terrific value. I will tell every online friend
about it. Wishing you and Peter continued success. John Bilakovics

Just a note to let you know that CopyPaste is far and away the most useful
and productive utility that I use on a daily basis. What a great product.
Congratulations on your latest version, and thanks again for the effort you
put into your brainchild. Best personal regards, Ray Hoy, Publisher The
Fiction Works

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User Raves about CopyPaste X for OS X are here:

New Features and Changes in CopyPaste 4.5
* CopyPaste 4.5 shows a picture preview on the palette if a
picture is in the clipbord.
* The default clipboard (without number) now only goes into the
Clip Recorder and will not change the clipboard 0 in the Clip
Extender anymore. Two reasons are: You gain one more numbered
clipboard accessible via command-C-0. The program source is
cleaner because I do not have to handle so many special cases
whenever a clipboard is accessed. This should cause less errors.
* The display of the cliboard data for the menu and palette text
preview is now extracted from the clipboard in real time. It was
formerly done only once at copy time and could be wrong if the
copy failed due to an error. The result was an empty clipboard
still showing a content title.
* Most important for OS X users this version can communicate
with CopyPaste-X and transfer the classic clipboard to
* some smaller bugfixes julian@scriptsoftware