rnSoft introduces jsTool version 1.0.1 – an Integrated Development
Environment for JavaScript on MacOS, OSX, and Windows.

jsTool brings the concept of drag & drop to the JavaScript world. It
provides you a list of objects and a clear hierarchy based on the elements
of the document object model that works across browsers. Grab an object in
that list and drop it on your code and the JavaScript reference to that
object is created. It’s great for beginners because they can learn how
JavaScript and the DOM work through simple drag & drop experimentation.
It’s great for professionals because they can’t make a typo with drag &
drop. Plus its a heck of a lot faster.

If you do JavaScript you want this tool.

jsTool is an integrated development environment for JavaScript. It offers
drag & drop, autocompletion of commands as you are typing, popup menus of
properties, double-click object renaming, integrated help and much more. It
is an excellent companion tool to any WYSIWYG web page editor (like

jsTool v 1.0.1 can be downloaded at http://www.rnsoft.com/download


Ronald Northrip