JUNE 13, 2002

AUGSOFT delivers ODBC support for REALbasic

August Software today delivered ODBC.NET, a free ODBC plug-in for the
popular REALbasic cross-platform development environment by REAL Software.
ODBC.NET works with August Software’s ODBC Router to make all of the SQL
data sources found in the ODBC control panel of a Windows Server available
for use by REALbasic. Using ODBC.NET, REALbasic applications on MacOS,
MacOS X and Windows may interact with Windows, UNIX and mainframe data
without per-desktop ODBC control panels, drivers or
database-revision-specific libraries.

Available now at, the new ODBC.NET plug-in may be used in
combination with MS-Access, IBM DB/2, mySQL, all versions of ORACLE,
Pick/Universe, SQLServer, SYBASE and many others. ODBC.NET supports exiting
ODBC Router solutions available from US$99 to US$2319 based on concurrent
usage as well as a new REALbasic-only edition of ODBC Router that supports
unlimited ODBC.NET sessions for US$349.

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