ViewSonic announced Wednesday two new CRT and two new LCD displays, as noted by MacCentral. The P75f+ and P95f+ are perfectly flat CRT displays that feature maximum resolutions of 1920×1440 and 1792×1344 and will sell for US$345 and $235, respectively. Both are available in beige and black. The VE510+ and VX500+ are both 15-inch LCD displays that feature a 1024×768 resolution. The lower-end analog VE510+ features 300 nits of brightness and a 450:1 contrast ratio while the VX500+ features 330 nits of brightness and a 550:1 contrast ratio, as well as analog and digital inputs. The P75f+, P95f+, and VE500+, which will sell for $499, will all be available in June. The $593 VX510+ will ship in July.