— With the Kagi Showcase in MacTech Magazine,
Kagi vendors can reach a power purchasing audience at a very low price!

MacTech Magazine and Kagi have joined together to create an incredible
opportunity for Kagi vendors of all kinds. An advertising showcase, with an
extremely low out of pocket cost, and yet, one that gets to the most
influential group in the Macintosh market.

The Kagi showcase inside MacTech Magazine gives developers an opportunity
to showcase products in a classified environment, which has proven to be
the most effective way to sell products which are low in cost and

For the first time, developers using Kagi will be able to create
“awareness” for their brand and product, at a cost so low, it’s unheard of.

There are more specifics you should know about MacTech readers. But, the
most important are that:

* The majority of MacTech readers not only use Macintosh, but Windows
and Palm OS devices as well. Furthermore, there’s broad use of both
Palm and Linux.

* 66% of MacTech readers are asked for computer advice everyday —
92% are asked at least once a week.

* Over the course of a year, the average MacTech reader specifies,
recommends, buys or approves over $553,268 worth of systems or

In other words, these are not only the ones that advise everyone else in
the community — but they spend an enormous amount of money themselves.


In addition, MacTech has the highest percentage of users actually using Mac
OS X. The majority of readers not only have installed Mac OS X, but are
using it.

The “Kagi Showcase” in MacTech Magazine is a new and innovative new way for
Kagi suppliers to get the word out about their product.

The showcase looks like a “marketplace” section. No editorial. 100%
advertising … like other successful classified sections. Along the header
of each of the showcase pages (except those pages that are full page ads)
there will be a header calling out the showcase.

The balance of the pages will be in a grid — supporting 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and
full page ads. 1/4, 1/2 and full page ads can look like a normal display ad
within the magazine. All ads would be 4 color.

The 1/8 page ad is the ‘entry level’ type ad. Here, your company provides
hi-res logo (300 dpi or greater), your company or product name (the bold
text) and a short paragraph (including how to contact you). We do all the
layout, and that’s included in the price.

The minimum number of ads that you can run ix 3x — and you can lock in the
pricing all the way up to a 12x (this is what most people do with prices so
low). Only new advertisers are eligible, and the products/services
advertised must be made with or work with Kagi to be in the showcase.

Here’s the pricing.

3x 6x 12x
Full Page $1495 $1295 $995
Half Page $895 $775 $595
Quarter Page $495 $395 $295
1/8 Page Entry $195* $195 $145

* Special introductory rate. Requires 6x insertion, but you can cancel
after 3x without penalty

For reference, here’s our normal rates for full color ads.

Full Color Monthly Rates
1x 3x 6x 12x
Two Page Spread $4230 $3910 $3700 $3490
Full Page $2395 $2220 $2095 $1980
Half Page $1450 $1340 $1270 $1195
Third Page $1090 $1010 $950 $895
Quarter Page $795 $740 $695 $660

If you are interested in the showcase, please contact MacTech Magazine’s ad
sales team directly.
Toll Free: 800-562-2338, 805-494-9797

The first issue with the Kagi Showcase will be the July issue — the one
that MacTech hands out at Macworld Conference & Expo in New York. This
issue is closing fast — so contact us today!

MacTech Magazine