CompuCom, a subsidiary of Office Depot, has launched the In-Store Selling Advisor, a solution for retailers that puts a bundle of selling tools into the hands of retail employees, including sales enablement and training, assisted selling, mobile devices, support and services – all at one fixed cost. The solution includes:

Sales enablement and training – With partner Bigtincan, CompuCom provides software that lets retail store employees maximize their time on the sales floor and optimize the customer experience.

Assisted selling tools – With partner MadMobile, the solution arms retail store employees with the tools to customize each shopper’s experience to drive in-store sales.

Apple devices – As an Apple Value-Add Reseller, CompuCom provides in-store devices that are intuitive, secure and reliable –ideal for any retail environment.

Support and services – CompuCom’s services including hardware procurement, software configuration and managed support.

“CompuCom’s In-Store Selling Advisor equips sales associates with fast access to product information and the right knowledge to optimize their in-store interactions with customers who’ve done their homework,” says CompuCom Chief Product and Marketing Officer Ken Jackowitz. “We make it easy for retailers to empower their employees to elevate the customer experience like never before.”

The In-Store Selling Advisor solution is available now. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-350-8430.