DBExperts, Inc. Announces The Launch of DBExperts PostgreSQL Professional
Edition for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

MIAMI, FL – April 23, 2002 (INB) — dbExperts, Inc. today announced the
launch of an enhanced version of their PostgreSQL distribution – the
dbExperts PostgreSQL Professional for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD
– a comprehensive multi-platform relational database management solution
targeted to the small- and medium-sized business market (SMBs), primarily
for application developers, Internet and eCommerce professionals. dbExperts
PostgreSQL Professional is a feature-rich database that is capable of
handling the most challenging demands of today’s business and Internet

dbExperts PostgreSQL Professional is a high-powered object-relational
database that offers the performance, stability, scalability, reliability
and flexibility required for mission critical applications and provides all
the resources necessary to implement successful and secure Web sites,
eBusiness and eCommerce solutions. dbExperts PostgreSQL Professional does
not require investments in new infrastructure, making it the most
cost-effective and best performing solution for small and medium sized
companies. It’s low memory requirements and efficient processor utilization
allow for the use of existing and legacy hardware, with no need for costly
hardware upgrades.

dbExperts has added significant value to PostgreSQL in its Professional
edition, with improvements including a unique version for Windows and Mac
OS X and an easy to install version for Linux and FreeBSD. In fact,
dbExperts has developed the first and only commercial version of PostgreSQL
for Windows (95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP). The distribution includes several
utilities and its well-known open source projects such as Apache, Zope and
PHP. dbExperts PostgreSQL Professional is portable among the most used
operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD. This
cross-platform strategy gives the customer the freedom to choose an
operating system that best suits his needs at the lowest TCO available. All
functionality and features are fully supported through all operating
systems platforms. dbExperts also offers commercial support, training
courses, consulting and a wealth of professional services to help you
migrate to PostgreSQL.

For more information on dbExperts PostgreSQL Professional, please visit or call (305) 913-7126.

About dbExperts, Inc.
dbExperts is a subsidiary of Stern Software, in the market since 1990, and
specializes in PostgreSQL, the most advanced open source database in the
world. dbExperts offers products, services, support, training, consulting
and special projects that utilize PostgreSQL. dbExperts believes in
promoting the adoption of PostgreSQL for use by small- and medium-sized
businesses (SMBs) because of its unique features and widespread
availability. Some of these important features include: low total cost of
ownership (TCO), easy installation, reliability, low maintenance,
scalability, standards support (ANSI, ODBC, JDBC and more) and performance
enhancements. PostgreSQL received the Year 2000 Linux Journal Editor’s
Award for Best Database. It is a viable alternative to competing high
priced DBMS with a simple per server licensing with unlimited clients