Inquirium has announced the release of InqScribe 2.0, the latest version of its cross-platform solution for transcribing, annotating, and subtitling digital media files. Designed for researchers, transcriptionists, and film and video professionals who work with extensive audio and video data, InqScribe features a flexible editing environment, QuickTime and Windows Media support, foot pedal support, customizable keyboard shortcuts for controlling media playback and inserting repetitive text, and a range of import and export options. New features in this release include: automatic backup of unsaved documents; improved foot pedal support; support for embedded time code tracks and reel names; export to Spruce STL, Subrip, or Final Cut Pro XML format; anamorphic video display at 4:3, 16:9, or 2.35:1; new transcript-specific settings; more keyboard shortcut commands; and native Intel support on Mac OS X. InqScribe is on sale for US$69 through May 15, $99 thereafter.