The La Jolla Underground is pleased to announce the immediate
availability of ResPloder 1.0. ResPloder explodes the resources of a
file into folders. These folders are named after the types they came
from. Inside each folder are files containing the data for each
resource of that type. These files are simple binary files and can be
edited with any hex editor. The data fork of the original file is
preserved as a file called data.frk and it can also be edited.

ResPloder can implode a ResPloded folder back into a file. Drop a
ResPloder-created folder onto ResPloder and a new file with exactly
the same structure as the original file will be created. If any of
the resource files in the ResPloded folder have been modified, then
the changes will become part of the new file.

ResPloder is made with REALbasic.

ResPloder can be found at:

Please send any comments to:

Thank you.

William Leshner
The La Jolla Underground