Big Nerd Ranch Launches Extreme Mentoring On-Site Training


Atlanta, GA – April 17, 2002 – The Big Nerd Ranch Announces its New Extreme
Mentoring On-Site Training Program.

Big Nerd Ranch is now offering Cocoa training and Extreme Mentoring to
organizations seeking on-site classes for their future Cocoa development
teams. One week of intensive on-site training is followed by one week of
on-site mentoring when your team is ready to begin development.

Traditional training provides the knowledge your team needs in order to
build applications in OS X. Building applications brings up new questions,
and practical experience introduces problems that couldn’t have been
predicted during class. As with all learning, material that isn’t
immediately used is often forgotten. Extreme Mentoring reintroduces you to
what you’ve forgotten, and allows your team to move forward quickly and

When your organization schedules a week of Big Nerd Ranch training, Aaron
Hillegass, author of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, spends a week at your
facility teaching your team the most comprehensive Cocoa course available
(link to syllabus: At the end of
that week, your team will be ready to build applications in OS X.

When development begins, Big Nerd Ranch Mentor James DiPalma spends a week
with your team, working through a practice application related to your
eventual development goals. With your team, Jim applies Extreme Programming
concepts, including programming in pairs, testing, creating coding
standards and performing code reviews, nightly “releases,” and flexible and
adaptable design. For a complete description of the program, please visit

Aaron Hillegass has more than 7 years of experience consulting and teaching
for Apple and NeXT. James DiPalma has more than 6 years of experience with
Apple and NeXT, focusing on design and software quality, AppKit, and
InterfaceBuilder. Big Nerd Ranch also offers all-inclusive Cocoa training
classes in a mountain lodge outside Asheville, NC. For additional
information, call (404) 210-5663, visit, or