MacDev-1 readers: buy the boxed version of General Edit 1.0.2 and get a
free calculator!

General Edit is a terrific tool for programmers and developers who work
with custom file formats. View or edit data files with complex binary
formats – users report saving _days_ of debugging effort! General Edit has
a built-in compiler that lets you easily examine the contents of
complicated data structures. The latest version ships with example
definitions for portions of the PICT, TIFF, and QuickTime file formats.

Visit ( to see how it works.

MacDev-1 readers who purchase the boxed version of General Edit 1.0.2
between 11/2/98 and 12/15/98 and send in the registration card will receive
a free Sharp EL-520L scientific/hex calculator. Just write “MacDev-1 Offer”
above the mailing address. Limited time offer, good while supplies last.
Quadrivio Corporation
1563 Solano Avenue #360
Berkeley, CA 94707
voice (510)524-3246