OpenLink Releases Universal Server for Web Services

Leadership in standards based middleware innovation extends to Web Services

Burlington, MA, March 25, 2002 – OpenLink Software, Inc., a leading
provider of enterprise middleware, announces the commercial release of
Virtuoso 2.7 – the latest installment of its cross platform, multi-purpose,
and multi-protocol server for SQL, XML, and Web Services. The new release
enables the rapid creation, integration, hosting and deployment of Web
Services that coexist with existing IS infrastructures.

Virtuoso enables the publishing of Persistent Stored Modules – SQL Stored
Procedures, Java Objects, and .NET Objects – as SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI
compliant Web Services. It also enables the creation of XML documents from
SQL Databases on the fly, such that XML based access to disparate data can
be used as the data foundation for current and next generation Web Services.

Virtuoso 2.7 is available for the following platforms: WindowsR, LinuxR,
UNIXR, and MacR OS X. It includes support for all ODBC and JDBC accessible

“The new Virtuoso release simplifies the adoption and exploitation of the
Web Services value proposition by providing seamless integration with
existing application functionality without compromising security or
performance”, said Kingsley Idehen, President & CEO of OpenLink Software.
“Virtuoso underscores OpenLink’s leadership role in both innovation and
development of standards compliant cross-platform middleware”, he added.

“Virtuoso is ahead of the game in web services and provides a practical,
easy to use technology to exploit this new way of connecting applications”,
said Martin Butler, Founder and Research Chair of Butler Group.

“In order to support the widest range of corporate customers for our
leading wireless application service, Pervasic’s back-end database engine
must conform to the latest standards and provide robust, scalable, secure
and efficient database performance. Virtuoso offers all of these
capabilities, together with unique Virtual Database functionality that
provides a highly effective solution to the problem of seamlessly
integrating multiple customer databases. Virtuoso is a key element in
Pervasic’s wireless service platform”, said Mark Potts, CEO Pervasic.

Virtuoso 2.7 is now available for download from OpenLink’s web site at:

About OpenLink Software
OpenLink Software is a privately held company with offices in the U.S.A.,
United Kingdom, France, and Malaysia. It is a leading provider of mission
critical middleware covering a wide variety of industry standards.
Additional information about OpenLink Software can be obtained from the
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