Berkeley Releases 802.11b DSSS Analysis System

METUCHEN, New Jersey. — April 3, 2002 — BVS introduces Scorpion a
complete 2.4 GHz WLAN Analysis System for sophisticated WLAN studies!

Scorpion is a wireless receiver system designed specifically for sweeping,
analyzing and optimizing 2.4 GHz DSSS Wireless Local Area Networks such as
Apple’s Airport. The instrument measures coverage of direct sequence CDMA
networks which operate on the IEEE 802.11b standard allowing the user to
determine the AP (Access Point), SSID, PER (Packet Error Rate), Multipath
(Ec/Io) and RSSI signal levels aiding in locating the hub and access points
of neighboring WLANs.

* Measure 2.4 GHz coverage for direct sequence (DSSS) wireless networks (IF
widband 22 MHz) within the IEEE 802.11b standard

* Measures Packet Error Rate, Multipath and RSSI; narrow band & total
channel power

* Receive, filter and process complex DSSS studies all in Windows CE=AE

* 256 color backlit display for real-time color-coded signal analysis

* Touch screen, Windows=AE PDA-like interface using a stylus pen

* Connection to a PC via USB and serial interfaces

* 64MB internal RAM memory

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