ChronoSync Updated to Version 1.0.2

Joseph S Japes
Econ Technologies, Inc.
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Oviedo, Florida — March 27, 2002 — The second maintenance release for
ChronoSync=81, the automated synchronization tool for Mac=AE OS X, is now
available. This version adds some features along with several bug fixes.
ChronoSync is the solution to synchronizing files between folders, hard
drives, removable media, laptops, file servers, or any computer. Go to to download the demo and try it, or
purchase ChronoSync for only $19.95. This update is free to all ChronoSync

New features include the ability to create a folder while selecting
targets. Naming rules can now be applied to folders or both files and
folders, previously they only applied to files. Scheduled synchronizations
that are missed because the computer was asleep are now detected. After
synchronizing, the “Delete” function allows removal of a file if it exists
only on one side of the synchronization tree and removal of both files on
each side of the synchronization tree.

Some of the bugs fixes in Version 1.0.2 are:

* Custom folder icons are now preserved.
* Custom finder labels are now preserved.
* Skips non-files/folders such as pipes, sockets, etc.
* Trial Synchronizations now show correct status symbols.

For a complete list check the revision notes at

Econ Technologies once again delivers ease and power for Mac OS X users,
all for only $19.95. To download the demo or purchase ChronoSync go online
to ChronoSync requires Mac OS X or later.

For more information on ChronoSync and Econ Technologies’ other products,
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