Will Cosgrove is pleased to announce an update to his Carbon Events plug-in
for REALbasic and Mac OS X.

The Carbon Events plug-in provides:

* Access to a toolbar button
* Scroll wheel support
* live window resizing
* Access to the application Dock tile menu
* Standard Alert Sheet support
* Ask Save Changes & Discard Save Changes sheet support
* Put file dialog sheet support
* Quit Event notification
* Complete proxy icon support with icon dragging and window’s path menu
* The ability to get any folder by type & domain
* The ability to set and get long file names

Version 2.5 adds the following:

* Added full application Service support. This includes providing and using
Services from the service menu*
* Added GetAvailableScreenSize & GetScreenSize which get the screen
dimensions for respecting the Dock.
* Added GetThemeIdentifier to get the current theme identifier.
* Added Standard Alert dialog support.
* Added CountDockMenuItems to return the number of menu items in the Dock
* Added GetDockMenuItemText which returns the caption of a Dock menu item.
* Added constants to the example project for easier reading.
* Added IsSheetOpen property to the control portion of the plugin.
* Fixed various bugs.

*Services for Carbon are currently a sad state of affairs, IMHO. I would
recommend not providing a Service until the next major Mac OS X update.
However, using Services seems to work fine.

As always, it’s available for download at:

This is a free update to all registered users, $15 for new users.

Will C.