Park City, UT – March 27th, 2002 — Chronos LC today announced that for a
limited time, its StickyBrain productivity application may be downloaded
and registered for FREE.

Why is Chronos giving away its software? According to Robert McCullough,
Product Manager at Chronos, “StickyBrain is one of the best kept secrets on
the Mac and we want to let the public in on the secret. We believe that
once users get a taste for StickyBrain, they’ll be hooked. This promotion
is intended to give as many people as possible the opportunity to try out
the software.” Chronos is planning to release StickyBrain 2 in the near
future and it includes some great surprises, according to Mr. McCullough.
Anyone who picks up a free copy of StickyBrain during this promotion will
qualify for a discount on the new version.

The process to receive a free copy of StickyBrain is simple. On March 27th
and 28th, 2002, anyone may download and register StickyBrain 1.3.1 via the
Chronos website at (


Chronos calls its product the “The best utility you never knew you needed.”
StickyBrain is a personal productivity application that incorporates a
“sticky note” interface. But that’s where the similarity to the standard
Stickies program ends. StickyBrain is the ultimate information storehouse.
It helps users organize all of the miscellaneous information that clutters
their lives and desktops.

StickyBrain is for stuff that doesn’t fit in your regular brain. It can
store any type of information including text, pictures, sounds,
file/application links, contacts, web and e-mail addresses, etc. To make
all of this information easily accessible, StickyBrain includes a powerful
filtering system that the user can customize as needed. StickyBrain is
built on a robust word processor with features such as automatic spell
checking, search and replace, page formatting and multiple undo’s.

One of StickyBrain’s most powerful features is called Hot Keys. Hot Keys
makes it easy to transfer information to and from other applications. For
example, if the user is surfing the web and comes across an interesting
article, they can press a special key combination and the article will be
saved as a sticky-even if StickyBrain isn’t running! Hot Keys can also be
assigned to individual stickies so the text from the sticky can be pasted
into other applications.

Password management is a chore that faces anyone who uses the Internet. How
does one keep track of all the names & passwords for secure websites that
accumulate over time? With StickyBrain, a user can go to any website and
the software will instantly retrieve the user name and password associated
with that web address.

StickyBrain provides many other features to help users stay organized.
These include to-do lists, contact lists, alarms and an infinitely
customizable interface. Each sticky can be assigned a different color,
texture or background picture. To keep information safe from prying eyes,
StickyBrain even includes a security option.


StickyBrain requires Mac OS 8.1 or higher including Mac OS X. The
application occupies less than 1 MB of disk space and uses less than 5000K