REALdb Tools gives you the ability to manipulate REAL database files in
ways that the built in engine does not provide at this time. With REALdb
Tools you can:

* Compact a database to make it smaller after records have been deleted.
* Drop any table or column from a REAL database.
* Change table names.
* Change column names and data types.
* Add new tables and columns.

REALdb Tools will not alter your existing database, but instead makes a
copy of the original and changes that copy. It adds “.old” to the original
file’s name. When you change a table structure, drop a table, add a table,
or compact the database a new database file will be created.

REALdb Tools will copy all your data from the original database to the new
database. This feature can be turned off in the Preferences dialog if you
would like to only copy the structure of the database.

Version 1.2
– Prevents a REALbasic project file from being opened.
– New option to export SQL can export both Create and Insert statements.