Press Release


Project Timer is the simplest and easiest to use time tracking software
available. Excellent for independent contractors, consultant and anyone who
needs to monitor the time they spend on various tasks.

Download Project Timer

Project Timer is the best way of recording the amount of time that is spent
working on a project, contract or anything. Project Timer uses tab
delimited text as its file format. You can import Project Timer files in to
mainstream applications.

Now you can save time and make money by using Project Timer.


* this carbon application works on OS X and Classic
* simple to use
* a click of the button to start and stop timing
* totals are then generated
* works unattended in the background
* open Project Timer files in AppleWorks or Microsoft Excel
* only 20 us dollars
* AutoSave restores unsaved files after a crash
* Add, Edit or Remove comments from time entries
* Recent Item


Project Timer is $20

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