Instructor-led, Real-time Format Saves Money, Time and Travel

Walnut Creek, California -February 19, 2002 WildPackets Academy, the
training division of WildPackets Inc., is now offering web-delivered
protocol analysis training in addition to its current roster of public and
on-site classes.

Web delivery provides an efficient method for networking professionals to
get the training they need while saving the expense of travel and
out-of-office time that can be associated with public class attendance.
“We’re very excited to be introducing our most popular ‘Network
Troubleshooting Methods’ class as well as two brand new classes via this
increasingly popular delivery medium,” says Anita Lenk, WildPackets’
Director of Training. “Our EtherPeek(TM) customers will now be able to
enjoy the full benefits of our excellent teaching methodology in the
comfort of their work or home office environment.”

Classes that typically require three days in the classroom are presented in
two and a half-hour segments, spanning five days. Students log in through a
WebEx conference, using their browser to follow along with the presentation
and live EtherPeek use. The instructor interacts in real-time with
students, answering questions and demonstrating EtherPeek operations. At
the end of each day’s segment, students continue to work through hands-on
exercises on their own. The instructor remains on-line for one hour after
the class to answer any questions that may arise.

Registration is now open for WP-101W “Network Troubleshooting Methods Using
EtherPeek for Windows,” WP-101M “Troubleshooting Your Apple Network with
EtherPeek,” and WP-105 “AppleTalk, AppleShare IP, and Mac OS X Protocol
Analysis Methods.”

Information on these classes or WildPackets Academy is available at
Discounts are available to enterprises with multiple attendees for the same
web-delivered class.

About WildPackets Inc.
Since 1990, WildPackets has been developing affordable tools designed to
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troubleshooting and optimizing computer networks. Our products, including
EtherPeek NX(TM) Real-time Expert Analyzer, are sold in over 50 countries.
Information on the company, products and partners is available at
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