Scosche ( has rolled out new cases for the new iPod touch and iPod nano. Like previous iPhone and iPod launches Scosche, will offer its signature kickBACK case with an integrated kickstand for landscape video viewing on the new iPod touch.

The kickBACK t4 features a glossy polycarbonate exterior with a flexible impact resistant rubber interior and will be available in black, grey and white with grey molding. Similarly, the Scosche switchKASE t4 combo pack also features the kickBACK t4 and a smooth silicone skin with a removable sport armband for working out with the newest iPod touch. 

These chameleon cases come with one solid frame (black or white) and three interchangeable polycarbonate backs (blue, red, black and pink, purple, white). Each case features two smooth backs and one with a hinged kickstand for widescreen media viewing. 

Scosche’s new metalliKASE t4 is a low profile metallic polycarbonate case available in chrome and dark metallic. The company includes a mirrored screen protector with each metalliKASE. 

The Scosche beefKASE t4 features a genuine leather back and a polycarbonate shell. Its open design provides easy access to all buttons and switches on the iPod touch.

Scosche will also offer tightGRIP case packs for the new iPod nano. The full silicone enclosures provide enhanced grip with protection and are available in packs of three (pink, purple, clear & red, blue, black).  Scosche will also be shipping a three-pack of flexible rubber cases for the new touch. The glosSEE t4 for the touch ships with blue, red and black flexible rubber cases.

The soundKASE n6 is designed for users looking to work out with their new nano. The sweat proof silicone and neoprene case and armband wraps around the user’s arm and features an integrated key slot to keep pockets empty during workouts.

In addition to the new cases, Scosche will also be offering three new screen protectors for the iPod touch gen 4. The satinSHIELD t4 (a two-pack of anti-glare screen protectors), proFlect t4 (a two-pack of mirrored screen protectors) and klearCOAT t4 (a three-pack of ultra-clear protective films) protect the new touch’s screen from unwanted scratches, dust and dirt.

The new additions to the Scosche Protect line will range in price from US$14.99 to $39.99.