ATI’s RADEON 7500, featured in the new 800MHz Power Mac G4 and available as an option in other configurations, is similar to the company’s Radeon 7000 retail card with some changes: the 7500 is an AGP card instead of PCI, features an ADC connector in place of DVI, and offers superior 3D performance. Unlike the Radeon 7000, however, the 7500 does not feature video-out (S-Video and composite). Both cards also support dual-displays and feature 32MB of memory. ATI tells MacMinute performance of the RADEON 7500 should be at least twice that of nVIDIA’s GeForce2 MX, and on par with the GeForce4 MX. The company has no plans to release a retail version of the RADEON 7500; customers looking for an AGP card from ATI will have to move up to the RADEON 8500, which features a faster graphics processor as well as other enhancements over the 7xxx series. [Updated 20:15 – Several readers note that the 7500 features 32MB of memory — not 64MB as we originally stated. We have corrected the news item and apologize for the error.]