For Immediate Release

World’s First True High-Performance Wireless LAN, AirStation 2x=81, Offers
Double the Data Rates in the 2.4GHz Band

Nagoya, Japan, Oct. 31, 2001 MELCO INC., an industry-leading manufacturer
of computer peripherals and wireless LAN solutions for business, SOHO, and
home use, today announced the new generation of the Buffalo wireless LAN
(WLAN) series, AirStation 2x=81, which offers twice the data rate of current
11Mbps AirStation=81 models. It is the first deployable high-rate (22Mbps)
product in the 2.4GHz band, delivering the most aggressive data rates
available in the 2.4 GHz WLAN market. The AirStation 2x=81 can better serve
more personal and business applications that require faster data rate
wireless networking solutions.

As broadband access becomes widely available, users in both homes and
businesses are demanding more data processing and sharing of information,
which requires the next level of broadband networking functionality,
utility and convenience. The AirStation 2x=81 will provide the high
performance required for the simultaneous use of multiple
bandwidth-intensive applications such as presentations, sharing large size
files and generating high-quality multimedia content. For these purposes,
11Mbps of bandwidth can be quickly exhausted. Therefore, higher data-rates
are required.

The wireless LAN market is expanding rapidly since introduction of the
11Mbps IEEE802.11b or Wi-Fi=81 models. Wireless access technology in the
hospitality industry, which encompasses airports, hotels, convention
centers, restaurants and coffee shops grew by 12 percent during 2001, up
from 10 percent growth in the second half of 2000. Other growing segments
include the education, health-care and financial sectors, which are quickly
adopting WLAN. As the market grows, wireless LAN is serving many different
purposes and is generating new businesses or “hot spots.” A cost-effective,
robust, high-performance local area network technology for distributing
multimedia information is required to enable these emerging opportunities.

Because it is designed for Wi-Fi=81 interoperability, the AirStation 2x=81
offers reliable compatibility with other products and is an affordable,
complete solution for wireless networking. The AirStation 2x=81, with severa=
transmission modes, is compatible with current Wi-Fi=81 systems. Because
there is a need to provide even higher levels of performance, MELCO INC. is
offering the AirStation 2x=81 with a 22 Mbps rate extension as a value-added
feature beyond the specifications of today’s Wi-Fi=81 products.

Wireless LANs are becoming a powerful tool to support the general broadband
network, with more data being transferred requiring faster data rates. The
AirStation 2x=81 utilizes the latest WLAN technology from Texas Instruments
Inc. (NYSE: TXN), the ACX100, to deliver 802.11b compatibility and
interoperability while achieving 22Mbps data rates, making the product
better suited for bandwidth-intensive multimedia applications.

“With the AirStation 2x=81 we are able to provide an affordable, 22Mbps
product to support the full-featured networking needs today in corporate
campuses as well as in homes to allow more shared content and multimedia
applications,” explained Taiji Watanabe, CEO of Buffalo Technology. “We
chose TI since it provides available 22Mbps technology and high-performance
where 11Mbps capabilities cannot accomplish with products on the market

The first products in the AirStation 2x=81 series will be the standard bridg=
access point model, WLA-T22G, and the wireless card bus adapter,
WLI-CB-T22G. By utilizing TI’s technology, the AirStation 2x=81 is
functionally compatible with existing 1, 2, 5.5 and 11 Mbps products and
adds the 22Mbps high-rate capability as a natural extension of the existing
technology to meet the demands for 22Mbps WLAN products today. The
AirStation 2x=81 products are priced comparable to existing 802.11b
AirStation=81 products on the market. The introduction of an integrated
broadband router model, WLAR-T22G-L, for ADSL/CATV modems and Internet
sharing will be available in 1Q 2002. The AirStation 2x=81 will be available
through MELCO INC., and its foreign subsidiaries, Buffalo Technology USA
and Buffalo Technology UK.

“We have worked with MELCO INC. to bring 802.11b compatible products to
market that offer an extended high-rate mode to address the bandwidth needs
of today’s wireless LAN market,” said Marc Cetto, general manager of Home
Networking Business Unit, Texas Instruments. “The WLAN market is being
driven by improved price-performance ratios to increase the deployments in
homes, offices and public places.”

Buffalo’s original wireless LAN product, the AirStation=81 series, was
introduced in January 1999. Offering just 2Mbps data rates, the AirStation=
series helped the Buffalo brand become familiar to SOHO customers because
of its ease of use and affordability creating a foundation for the growth
of 11Mbps products. The 11Mbps Wi-Fi=81 products were introduced as part of
the Buffalo line in April 2000, helping Buffalo to become the leader in
Japan, proving our business concept of “Easy Internet for Everyone” by
providing affordable wireless LAN products for the public.

Buffalo products have been selected as the best show award in the
NetWorld+Interop 2000 Tokyo, DOS/V magazine award 2000 and “Good Design of
Japan” among other awards. Buffalo’s wireless LAN market share is 3rd in
worldwide (Dell’Oro Group) in 1st quarter of 2001. Buffalo offers the
highest network integrity and performance at the best market price.