NetMechanic’s Browser Photo 2.0 Expands Capability To Test For
Browser Incompatibility Problems

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (October 25, 2001) =96 The introduction of the two newest
browsers, Netscape Navigator 6.1 and Microsoft Internet Explorer’s 6.0, has
increased the need to test Web pages for display problems. NetMechanic=D2
Inc. has developed the only online tool that allows Web site developers and
designers to view their site as their visitors do through all major browser
and computer combinations. Browser Photo=E4, first introduced in March 2001,
is expanding its ability to test for browser display problems. On October
24th, NetMechanic introduced Browser Photo 2.0, which adds the two newest
browsers to the already extensive list of browser and computer combinations
they currently test for. The addition of Netscape Navigator 6.1 and
Internet Explorer 6.0 brings the total number of browser and computer
combinations in Browser Photo 2.0 to 16.

These two newest browsers are quickly being adopted by users of earlier
versions. However, in their efforts to adhere closer to the W3C standards,
both of these new browser versions can cause display differences that can
catch most developers and designers unaware. Netscape Navigator 6.1 can
break a site’s Dynamic HTML code, which can cause display problems with
Javascript, drop down menus, scrolling text, etc. Microsoft Internet
Explorer’s 6.0 has dual rendering engines and can either allow or not allow
Microsoft specific extensions for DTD (document type definition). Since
many webmasters are unfamiliar with the concept of DTDs, it is imperative
that they check their pages thoroughly. Very reasonably priced, Browser
Photo 2.0, enables all webmasters to confirm that their site displays as
they have designed it.

Browser Photo, which has been widely subscribed to by small and large
businesses alike, provides information that most Web developers would not
have access too without an expensive testing lab. It enables users to
submit and test their Web pages online as a means of ensuring that their
pages display and function properly. The 16 different browser and computer
combinations provided in this toolBrowser Photo 2.0 include WebTV, PC, Mac,
AOL, Opera as well as old and new versions of Netscape Navigator and
Microsoft Internet Explorer. These combinations also incorporate screen
sizes and font sizes. Browser Photo takes an actual online photograph of a
Web page as it is viewed by users on each of the different browser and
computer combinations. It helps avoid display differences by showing the
user all the problems that relate to the appearance of a Web page including
page layout, tables, images, fonts and alignments.

Prior to Browser Photo, the only reliable solution to site display issues
was building large testing labs with expensive equipment to test different
combinations of browsers and computers. Lacking these resources, most Web
site builders were limited to testing Web pages on only one or two
browsers, consequently alienating users on different computers and browsers.

Additionally, many webmasters have become unknown victims of popular
desktop editing tools. These tools can actually cause browser display
problems as they help build a Web site. Browser Photo 2.0, now with 16
browser and computer combinations is a real answer to a significant problem
for most Web developers and designers. More information is available about
browser compatibility problems at the NetMechanic tutorial:

Key Benefits and Features

* Ability to view Web pages online in 16 different browser and computer

* An inexpensive alternative to maintaining a large testing lab

* A secure environment to conduct testing and identify display problems

* A professional resource for information and insight into browser
incompatibility issues

* Flexibility and ease of use, including a one-step submission process

* Complete product delivery is online, with no software downloads and is
continually updated

* Ability to view =91photo sessions=92 online as photos are being completed

* A link to the photo sessions status page, showing the status of a user’s
photo sessions and up to 20 previous testing results

* Automatic email notification when entire photo session is completed

* Improved customer retention through increased quality and functioning of
Web pages

* Saves time and allows the user to focus on other areas of Web site
development with the confidence gained from resolving browser
incompatibility problems

Pricing and Availability
Browser Photo 2.0 is available today at the price of US$135.00 for an
annual subscription or for a one-time-use price of US$15.00. Browser Photo
2.0 is the newest addition to NetMechanic’s award-winning online
maintenance tools. An online Quick Tour of Browser Photo is available at

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