Now Available for Macintosh!

StampPDF 2.7 Demo Version – Plug-In for Adobe Acrobat

Requirements: Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS X

Download this fully functional free demo version of StampPDF 2.7. Package
includes the plug-in, documentation files and sample files to stamp.

This demonstration copy of StampPDF has the same functionality as the
commercial version of the product. Automatic purchase may be made via a
menu item. In demo-mode, stamped documents are marked with an X across each

The StampPDF plug-in gives you the ability to add permanent text or JPEG
images to any PDF document. Text may be added in any position: diagonally
across a document as watermarks, or as headers and footers. Text stamps may
be made in a variety of fonts, text styles or any RGB color. Information
you stamp in the PDF document becomes part of the document and is present
when it’s displayed and printed.

Stamping a PDF document is done by entering your text and formatting
choices in a dialog that appears when you select one of the StampPDF
commands from the Acrobat Document menu. You can even save the text and
formatting choices in a template file for use with other PDF documents.
Using this template file automates the stamping process: Apply it to an
open PDF by simply opening a Document menu item from which you select the
template file.

Features include:
* Single Stamp Menu
* Full New and Edit Stamp File Menus
* Undo Last Stamp Option
* Drag & Drop on Macintosh
* Fully compatible with Acrobat 5.0x.

Stamping options include:
* RGB color
* JPEG image stamping
* Base 14 fonts
* Type 1 fonts
* Text modes – Solid, outline and invisible
* Multi-line stamps
* Word wrapping
* Preset positions and justifications
* Custom set page margins
* Angle stamping
* Vertical center position
* Stamp page increments
* Rotated pages support
* Bates numbering
* Roman numerals
* 30 stamping variables, all within an easy pop-down menu. They
enable you to easily stamp
dynamic data such as date, time, file name or path, page numbers, etc.

For more information please visit our web site, or
view the plug-in documentation:

Click to access stamp_plugin.pdf

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