In the ‘Oh, geez! Macworld’s coming up!’ department:

I’m releasing these to the world after much procrastination and eventual
giving up on finding time to get my Windows machine working (since I’m
theoretically on vacation):

*** WindowRegion plugin extends the Window class to tell you how big the
window actually is on the screen, instead of just the content region
reflected by REALbasic. Includes properties for the width of the frame for
each of the four sides. Works for all Mac versions, even those running
Appearance Manager-compliant software such as Kaleidoscope. Win32 support
added soon. 68k, PPC, Carbon.

*** WindowCollapse plugin extends the Window class with a settable property:
Collapsed as Boolean. That’s right, you can window-shade your windows or put
them in the dock. Support for Win32 minimize to be added soon. 68k, PPC,

*** MacMenuBarHeight returns the height of the menu bar in pixels. 68k, PPC,

Get them here: (

These plugins are free of cost. I only ask for copyright acknowledgement in
your program’s about box. Enjoy.

Soon to come: MacInternetConfig and MacWindowProxyIcon. Woo.

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