iHUG (International HyperCard Users Group) is proud to announce they will
be returning to Macworld Expo in San Francisco this week.

One of Apple’s most successful and widely used applications for creating on
the Mac will be celebrated once again at Macworld Expo. Come learn more
about HyperCard and iHUG at the Users Group lounge on Wednesday, January 9,
from 10:00 to 11:00 am.

In addition to an opportunity to discuss HyperCard with one of the
HyperCard community’s best known gurus, Charles Flickinger, plan to walk
away with iHUG’s free CD containing a wide variety of practical and usable
software created with HyperCard. The CD also links the user to the world of
HyperCard through the long-lived, e-mail-based HyperCard Mail List. Expect
to find the programing industry’s friendliest, most helpful experts there
eager to support beginning and experienced “scripters” alike.

iHUG would like to remind all Macintosh users that HyperCard uniquely
embraces both beginners and experienced programers eager to create their
own applications with ease and unlimited possibilities. HyperCard’s near
standard English programing language, called HyperTalk, is a natural for
beginners and its ability to harness cutting edge technologies such as
QuickTime and AppleScript make it irresistible to experienced programers.

For more information, iHUG can be reached at