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NYRO Technix, Inc. Announces the Availability of VirtSpace(tm) for Macintosh

FAIRFIELD, CA =96 January 4, 2002 – VirtSpace, the auto-scrolling virtual
window manager, is now available for Mac OS 9. NYRO announced today this
long-awaited release that rounds out its VirtSpace product line. VirtSpace
is also available for NeXTSTEP/OPENSTEP and the Windows platform.

VirtSpace enables computer users to increase the size of their usable
desktop, up to a hundred times the size of the monitor. This makes working
with multiple files quick and easy, as each can be laid out in its own
section of the virtual area. Moving between documents is simple =96 by
panning or clicking. VirtSpace is especially helpful for increasing the
workspace on a portable computer, but is just as handy on a desktop

=93Anyone who keeps multiple files open simultaneously will find this produc=
essential,=94 says NYRO Technix, Inc. president, Ian H. Stewart. =93A lot of
our customers in the communications and financial fields have found this
product useful on the Windows and NeXT platforms. We believe bringing this
product to the Macintosh platform will allow new groups of users access to
this time-saving technology.=94

As part of this announcement, NYRO is offering a free upgrade to a Mac OS X
version, when it becomes available.

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