Xnet Communications GmbH announces Captain FTP for Mac OS X

Hamburg, Germany, Dec. 20th 2001 – Xnet Communication GmbH, an independent
software vendor with core business in data communication high-end solutions
announced the release of Captain FTP Public Beta Version 1.0.

Captain FTP is an absolutely new FTP client – especially designed for Mac
OS X. Captain FTP enables all users to take full advantage of all services
available through using FTP along with a lot of additional functionalities,
facilitating and improving everyday work. Quite simply, the most advanced,
most open and yet easiest-to-use Captain FTP divides tasks between separate
threads, enabling users to set up an unlimited number of simultaneous
connections. Because of this, time consuming functions, such as uploading
and downloading, don’t block the program but leave it available for other
user requests.

User’s action support is realized by quick buttons, an address book,
prompting before deleting and renaming files, search tool, a finishing
action after reconnection etc. make Captain FTP a most safe and the user
friendliest FTP Client ever designed. Wolfgang Falz, product manager of
Captain FTP said: “We decided to develop an absolutely new FTP Client after
receiving many requests from Mac OS X users who appreciate our other
communications products for stability, safety-in-use and intuitive
interfaces but who just need a simple FTP Client for every day work. That’s
why we have put some of our secrets into the Captain FTP engine. Of course
it is right now a beta version created for testing, open discussion and
further development”.

The Xnet Communication GmbH has activated special Internet services with
chat, forum and user groups for designing their product more open for users
needs: “We designed Captain FTP under users suggestions and we want to stay
in touch with them all the time”.

Captain FTP is free for non-commercial use.

For further information:
http://captainftp.xdsnet.de – product information
http://captainftp.xdsnet.de/ftp/download.php – Captain FTP download
www.xdsnet.de – company information

Or please contact:
Xnet Communications GmbH
Wolfgang Falz E-Mail: wfalz@xdsnet.de
Stresemannstr. 375 / Hs. 11 Phone: ++49 (40) 89702 – 0
D-22761 Hamburg FAX: ++49 (40) 89702 – 100

Xnet Communications GmbH – Short Profile

Xnet Communications is an independent technology center. The core business
consists of complex solutions in the area of data communications. Xnet
combines standard-components to provide turn-key-solutions for all
requirements in data communications.

Xnet is orientated on the industrial standards of UNIX, TCP/IP and off
course Mac OS X. Due to the long experience of our staff, Xnet has a long
and founded know-how in all areas of data communications: in modern
systems, as well as migrating from legacy systems to the most sophisticated