Addison-Wesley Publishes “Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X,” by Aaron
Hillegass of Big Nerd Ranch

Atlanta, GA – December 17, 2001 – Aaron Hillegass, founder of Big Nerd
Ranch, announces the publication of his new Cocoa training manual, “Cocoa
Programming for Mac OS X.” The new Addison-Wesley book, designed for both
new and experienced Cocoa developers, is available now –
Aaron’s book has been tested in Big Nerd Ranch training classes and is the
most comprehensive Cocoa manual currently available.

“We at Addison-Wesley are pleased to welcome Aaron Hillegass to our family
of authors. ‘Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X’ manages that rare combination
of being accessible to a wide audience while still giving comprehensive
coverage of the material. We believe that it will quickly establish itself
as THE manual for learning Cocoa.”
– John Wait, Publisher, Addison-Wesley

Here are some of the advance reviews of the book:

“Cocoa allows an individual or small team to write powerful, full-featured
applications. It allows us to believe again that someone in their garage
can write the next mind-blowing application. Reading ‘Cocoa Programming for
Mac OS X’ is the absolute best way to learn how to harness the power of
this amazing technology. It clearly presents all the important concepts and
gives good examples of how these concepts are used in real-world
– Andrew Stone, President, Stone Design

“As a newcomer to application development on Mac OS X, I’ve found ‘Cocoa
Progamming for Mac OS X’ to be an invaluable resource. The book introduces
the key design concepts in Cocoa and backs them up with clear examples. I
recommend it to any programmer interesed in Mac OS X.”
– Glenn Sequeria, Developer, ICIPE

“Aaron Hillegass’s ‘Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X” is the most
comprehensive guide to developing Cocoa available. For the developer new to
Cocoa it provides an excellent introduction that will lead success with the
world’s best object-oriented development tools. For those familiar with
Cocoa, the excellent organization and presentation make the book invaluable
as a reference tool.
I have been a Cocoa/Rhapsody/OpenStep/NeXTSTEP/NeXTstep/NeXTStep programmer
since 1989, and I learned several valuable lessons from Aaron’s book. It is
the K&R of Cocoa development.”
– Bill Bumgarner, Co-founder, CodeFab

“When we made the decision to port our vertical apps to Mac OS X, we were
excited but nervous. The incredible power of Cocoa lay before us, but none
of us had the knowledge to begin this exciting task. Then we found our
Rosetta stone in Aaron Hillegass’s ‘Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X.’ Wow!
The explanations were clear as the book walked us through cleverly-crafted
exercises. We’d made a short list of things we had to learn, and the book
covered every one of them.”
“‘Aha! So that’s how you do that!?” we cheered. There wasn’t anything in
the book we didn’t need, and nothing missing from what we wanted. )From
everyone at Cogent Design, thank you Aaron.
– Mark Sanchez, President, Cogent Design

“Mac OS X and Cocoa are going to revolutionize the world of software
development in the coming years. Companies will be able to develop
feature-rich applications faster than ever before. Aaron Hillegass’s ‘Cocoa
Programming for Mac OS X’ is without a doubt the best aid to learning this
technology. This book provides a clear and concise introduction to the
tools and techniques that allows developers to realize the fullness of
Cocoa coding.”
– Erik J. Barzeski, Editor,

Read a review of the book on Slashdot.

Aaron Hillegass has more than 7 years of experience as a trainer for Apple
and NeXT. The Big Nerd Ranch offers one-week intensive training courses in
Cocoa Programming. For additional information, call (404) 210-5663, visit , or email