Quark has partnered with NewsGator, a social computing provider, to help publishers and other content creators deliver digital content to the iPhone, iPod touch, and soon, the iPad.

The partnership allows Quark Publishing System users to instantly publish newsfeed content to Apple’s digital devices through a newsreader application that can be created using NewsGator’s TapLynx Framework. Walker Fenton, vice president of Corporate Development at NewsGator, says TapLynx is the easiest way to make a unique digital content app for the iPhone and iPod Touch because users only need to fill out a simple configuration file. The framework supports multiple ad formats and servers so that publishers can monetize their content, and it lets consumers share content through social media. TapLynx is the foundation of NetNewsWire, NewsGator’s iPhone feed reader.
Quark Publishing System enables publishers and other content creators to publish to their newsfeeds with a single mouse click by fully automating content transformation and delivery to newsreader applications. Quark Publishing System users can publish to Apple’s digital devices today by downloading TapLynx, which is available for US$599 from NewsGator. Once downloaded, TapLynx is an integrated part of the Quark digital publishing experience. For more information about Quark Publishing System, go to http://dynamicpublishing.quark.com/qps/ .