News Release
November 14, 2001

JobOrder’s Internet module is now shipping

JobOrder offers a comprehensive, cross-platform solution to integrate the
business operations of project-oriented service businesses such as software
developers, web design firms, advertising agencies, and consulting
companies. JobOrder facilitates planning, estimating, scheduling, billing,
accounting, analyzing and reporting.

Joborder’s Internet module combines dynamic HTML elements with a robust
internal programming language to enable JobOrder Server to publish itself
on the Internet. JobOrder Internet provides an interface that closely
resembles the normal JobOrder Client experience.

By using the JobOrder Internet API, users can customize their JobOrder
Internet web site. The JobOrder Internet API provides the language
necessary to communicate requests to the JobOrder Server, allowing users to
design their JobOrder Internet experience using any modern HTML editor,
such as Macromedia DreamWeaver, Adobe GoLive, or Microsoft FrontPage.

JobOrder Internet API commands become part of the hypertext links and form
actions of web pages. Like JobOrder’s Custom Forms feature, this API
provides the flexibility to customize JobOrder Internet – without having to
shut down the JobOrder Internet server.

JobOrder Internet always looks to see if a file in the ‘web’ folder exists,
and if not, falls back to its internal programming to provide the default
web page. This allows the greatest flexibility because it affords the user
the ability to customize all of their web site, some of their web site, or
none of their web site.

In addition, JobOrder Internet sets up a ‘realm’ folder for each of the
Security Access levels in the JobOrder data file being served. This enables
JobOrder Internet to further customize the web site for each Security
Access level in the data file, allowing the Database Administrator to
create a custom JobOrder Internet site for each Security Access level.

JobOrder Internet allows Clients and Vendors controlled access to JobOrder
databases, so that they can examine and update only specified areas and
fields. This access is controlled simply adding a Client or Vendor as a
Resource and assigning a strictly confined Security Access level for these

JobOrder 9.5 with SmartScheduler is on sale through December 31

The present economic situation is affecting all of us. Creative companies
have been hurt more than most other businesses. They need help right now.
The unique features in JobOrder software can identify and illuminate
scheduling and financial problems immediately. To allow more companies to
take advantage of JobOrder when they need it most, Management Software is
dramatically reducing the prices of basic JobOrder modules for the next 2

JobOrder Enterprise, our Client-Server version for 10 simultaneous users,
has been reduced to $5,450 from $10,450.

JobOrder for Workgroups, our introductory Client-Server version for 2
simultaneous users, has been reduced to $1,495 from $2,995.

Additional licenses are now only $495 each, reduced from $995 each.

JobOrder increases business productivity and profitability through ease,
immediacy, and accuracy of access to information. “JobOrder gives our
customers great flexibility in defining and implementing business processes
to reflect their own needs and preferences,” says Victor Siegle, President
of Management Software. “Now that companies can access one database server
at the same time using Macintosh computers for their creative staff and
Windows computers for their financial staff, our customers can integrate
their entire business operation and gain the efficiencies they need to
remain competitive. Management Software constantly refines JobOrder with
new ideas generated from the requests of its customers.”

JobOrder is ideally suited to meet the needs of organizations with 10 to
500 employees. Pricing of JobOrder Client-Server begins at $1,495 for the
first two workstations and $495 for each additional workstation, based on
simultaneous server access by Macintosh or Windows computers. Pricing for
the JobOrder Internet module begins at $995 for Internet Activation with an
Internet Access license fee of $295 per named user in 10 user increments.

Management Software Incorporated is based in Cortland, New York, where it
has provided custom programming services and software applications since

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