Screen Mimic 1.0 Released

Roanoke, VA–December 5, 2005–Polarian Technology announces the release of
Screen Mimic 1.0.

Screen Mimic 1.0 is an easy to use desktop recording program that records
to Macromedia Flash (SWF) format, allowing for easy distribution of these
recordings over the web or a company intranet.

Screen Mimic 1.0 allows users to record demonstrations of software
applications, create web-ready walkthroughs of complicated tasks, and much

Screen Mimic 1.0 gives users the ability to capture a selected area of the
screen, a particular window region, or the entire desktop.

Pricing & Availability

Screen Mimic 1.0’s regular price is $24.95 (USD). It requires Mac OS X 10.4
(Tiger) or better. A free demo which allows recording for up to 15 seconds
at a time may be downloaded from:

About Polarian Technology

Polarian Technology was started in 2005 by Lee Falin. Polarian develops
software for Mac OS X and specializes in fun and useful applications. For
more information, visit or visit Lee’s web log at