For Immediate Release:
Thursby Software Systems announces DAVE=AE 3.1

November 12, 2001, Arlington, Texas. Thursby Software Systems has released
DAVE 3.1, the new version of its popular Macintosh to PC file and printer
sharing software. This new version supports Mac OS X, version 10.1 and Mac
OS 8.6-9.2. “User experience definitely sets DAVE 3.1 apart,” says William
Thursby, president of Thursby Software Systems. “DAVE is a commercial
product with both client and server services developed specifically to
retain the essential Macintosh user experience. And, DAVE is fully
supported by Thursby Software Systems, a company with 15 years experience.”

DAVE is really two products in one, with separate installation programs for
Mac OS 10.1 and Mac OS 8.6-9.2. And totally new with this release, DAVE for
Mac OS X allows Windows users to see and print to Mac shared inkjet and
PostScript printers. The Mac OS 8.6-9.2 version supports bidirectional
PostScript printing. Other features include:

* Bidirectional file sharing between Windows PCs and Macintosh computers
* Large file support (greater than 2 GB) in OS 9 and OS 10.1
* Long file name support (more than 31 characters) in OS 9 and OS 10.1
* Network Logon for Microsoft Domain access
* Automatic workgroup detection
* Integrated help
* Use of Microsoft native protocols so no additional hardware or software
is needed for the PC

DAVE 3.1 is offered as a free electronic upgrade for customers who
purchased DAVE during this calendar year and upgrade by December 31, 2001,
and for those who have a support contract. Customers who purchased prior to
this year can get the upgrade for $89.95. The U.S. retail price of DAVE 3.1
is $149.00.

Thursby Software Systems has been developing, supporting and marketing a
wide variety of file share and print share software solutions since 1986.
In addition to DAVE=AE, Thursby products include MacSOHO=AE, TSStalk=81 and
MacNFS=AE. For additional information and downloadable graphics, see the web
media site, or contact Randy Phillips at
817-478-5070, You may also contact Randy Phillips if
you are interested in receiving an NFR copy of DAVE 3.1.