Hi All,
Just wanted to announce a small update to my Carbon Events plugin,
this should do it for a while. 1.2 adds & changes the following:

– Added SheetChangedOrigin() event when live resizing is installed;
very useful when a sheet is shown and you don’t want the window to
jump back to it’s old location. However, it can quickly cause a
stack over flow exception you must handle it accordingly.
– Added IndentDockMenuItem() to allow indenting dock menu items.
-RemoveDockMenu() now removes the dock menu event handler when
called, this will allow you to use the method whenever you want, not
just at Close.
– Changed the commandIDs for the Dock menu to better avoid responding
to other menu events.

The plugin can be downloaded here:

Lastly, if there is something in OS X that you would like to see
added to this plugin, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Will C.