Buffalo Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MELCO INC., has introduced AirStation 2x, a new line of wireless LAN products that offer twice the data rate of current 11Mbps products, including Apple’s AirPort. Using the latest WLAN technology developed by Texas Instruments, the AirStation 2x products add a 22Mbps data rate extension while still maintaining compatibility with existing WiFi-certified products. In addition, the network coverage area of the wireless network is increased by up to 70 percent in 5.5 or 11Mbps transmissions. The first products in the AirStation 2x series will be a bridge access point (model WLA-T22G) for US$219 and a wireless bus card adapter (model WLI-CB-T22G) for $99; both products will be available later this year. Additionally, a bridge access point with integrated broadband router, model WLAR-T22G-L, will be available in Q1 2002. [Updated 11/1 11:00 – AirStation 2x products are currently not Mac compatible; we are looking into future compatibility.]