Open-Xchange, a provider of open source groupware, has announced a
preview of its iSync connector called OXtender for Mac OS X. This
makes Open-Xchange e-mails, appointments, contacts, tasks and
documents available to end users through their native Mac
applications — Mail, iCal and Address Book.
End users can access and edit all groupware data without changing
their familiar desktop environment. Also, OXtender for Mac OS X
enables synchronization on mobile devices. Even without a connection
to the Internet, users can continue to work without interruption.
When connected the next time, changes on the Mac system and
Open-Xchange Server will be synchronized immediately.

All mobile devices connected to the Mac, like iPhones, iPods and cell
phones from other manufacturers, as well as software from third-party
ISVs that support iSync can access Open-Xchange data. In addition,
users of MobileMe get new e-mail, calendar and contact entries via
its “over the air” push service on their iPhone.

The OXtender for Mac OS X software can be used by any Open-Xchange
user of the on-premise or hosted version. Software packages and
installation instructions for the beta version of OXtender for Mac OS
X are available for free download and use at