StyleGrid 3.0 is out !!

StyleGrid is a Specialized Spreadsheet plug-in control for REALbasic, which
allows different styles per cell, this includes fonts, grid lines, images
and colors.

New in 3.0:

* Added SelectRange method.
* Added a Image property to Extended Cells.
* Added a new class called “StyleGridPicture”
* Headers now have same attributes as non-extended cells.
* Replaced “Label(Col as Integer) as String” with
* Header(Col as Integer) as StyleGridCell.
* Cell BackColor Getter is now implemented for Win32
* Cell ForeColor Getter is now implemented for Win32
* Cell BorderColor Getter is now implemented for Win32
* Added OutOfBoundsGridLineColor property.
* Fixed a range selection update bug.
* ExtendedCells are no longer exceptions in the Grid renderer,
making rendering faster.
* Improved speed in floating engine text handling.

The following only applies for REALbasic 4 or later:

* Added UseFocusRing property.
* Focus ring is no longer rectangular.
* Focus now works under Win32.
* Greatly improved performance in data setters. and getters, which
speeds up all data manipulation.

Demo versions,full versions for registered and snapshots users are
available at

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